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Druze biogeographic affinity, migration patterns, time of emergence and genetic similarity to Near Eastern populations are highly suggestive of Armenian-Turkish ancestries for the proto-Druze. D., remains a fascinating question in history, cultural anthropology and genetics.Contemporary Druze comprise an aggregate of Levantine and Near Eastern communities residing almost exclusively in the mountain regions of Syria (500,000), Lebanon (215,000), Israel (136,000) and Jordan (20,000), although with an increasingly large diaspora in the USA.To improve our understanding of the population history of Israeli Druze, we performed genome-wide and haplogroup analyses, the results of which were compared with Levantine and non-Levantine populations.Our findings are evaluated in light of the three major hypotheses depicting Saudi Arabian, Near Eastern and Iranian-Iraqi roots for Druze (Table 1), though these may not be mutually exclusive.Several hypotheses have been proposed to explain the history of contemporary Druze based on historic, archaeological and linguistic evidence (Table 1).These hypotheses espouse that Druze emerged from Arabian tribes such as the Tanukhs or Itureans, from Persian populations (a theory grounded in the lexical similarities between Persian and Druze texts century A. However, none of these hypotheses are supported by incontestable evidence leaving the population history of the Druze unresolved.

Druzism was first reported in Cairo under the sixth caliph of the Fatimid Dynasty, Al-Hakim (996–1021 A.

We investigated the genetic relationships between Israeli Druze and both modern and ancient populations.

We evaluated our findings in light of three hypotheses purporting to explain Druze history that posit Arabian, Persian or mixed Near Eastern-Levantine roots.

Our search for the region affiliated with the population structure of Druze focused on North Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe covering the biogeographical affinity predicted by each hypothesis (Table 1).

All biogeographical inferences were carried out using the geographic population structure (GPS) tool.

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D.) who sent missionaries throughout Arabia and the Middle East (with epistles being recorded as far as India), calling for new adherents to join the religion.

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