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Accomodating students with special

Some students with IEPs may come from home environments where taking time off from work to attend a school meeting, or connect with a teacher is very difficult for either or both parents.

For families that are paid hourly, missing work usually means cutting a paycheck.

When planning classroom activities and conducting evaluations, teachers keep IEP goals and outcomes in mind.

Teachers must also keep the IEP in mind as they determine how they will collect and evaluate student progress toward educational goals.

An IEP (Individualized Education Program) is a written plan for students with identified disabilities which sets the conditions for the specific accommodations, materials, and instructional approaches needed in order for the students to learn effectively.

A federal law called IDEA (the Individuals with Educational Disabilities Act) mandates that all students with identified disabilities have an IEP.

Some of your students may be in the custody of the state and in transition between one foster house and another.

IEPs vary in format and design from district to district, because of local interpretations of the legal mandates that govern them.

In any case, teachers need skills in implementing IEPs effectively in their classrooms.

The IEP is a team-driven process that prioritizes services and supports for the student in order to best meet his or her educational needs.

Students with disabilities and their families are an important source of information and experience in helping to ensure that the plans and their implementation work specifically and effectively for each individual.

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Through collaboration, a fine-tuned, carefully-timed, approach to incorporating specific teaching and assessment strategies can be achieved in daily classroom practice.