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Drop by and have a cup of coffee while we discuss the programs authored by our founders for reading, comprehension, and math.It’s a great way to get your questions answered in a casual setting. Offered three times a year, for more information and to contact them see their website, Online Resources: The Compassionate Friends Parent Chat Network – Centering Corporation – A nonprofit organization in Omaha, Nebraska that offered a wide variety of books and pamphlets regarding grief, especially for use with children.For information call 705-475-2305 Healing Grief Workshop – Loran Smith Cancer Center offers a nine-week workshop for those suffering from the loss of a loved one.The loss does not have to be a cancer-related death.

706-356-1110 (Also, they conduct a Longest Night/Blue Christmas Service in December for those grieving during the holidays) hosts a grief class twice a month, with one class being offered once a month in the afternoons and another class being offered once a month in the evenings.School social workers can link children and families with the grief support resources they need.For help contacting a specific school’s social worker, contact Chrystal Gillis, School Social Work Services Director (706) 546-7721 ext. Broad St., Winder, GA 30680 – Stephen Ministry and Support Group, (770) 867-4594 or call the Group Leader: Janie Jennings, 770-307-6602 for information regarding the group.I had the opportunity to chat with the talented creators about this season of “Squidbillies”, one of Adult Swim’s longest running original series. Just to recap the show, please give us a brief overview. How did you both come up with the idea of “Squidbillies”?Jim: “Squidbillies” is set in Dougal County Georgia about a family of Appalachian mud squids that live in the north George mountains. Dave: Jim and I worked together on “Space Ghost Coast To Coast” way back, but before that, we went to high school together in the same small town in Georgia.

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Grief Share Grief Recovery Support Group – First Baptist Church, 770-867-3577 or call Bob Dixon at 770-867-9887.