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Adult personal webcam directory

Q: I read a story in a British paper that said that a hacker had developed a smartphone app that took a person’s picture when they visited certain porn sites. A: It is certainly possible and might strike an ethically challenged criminal hacker as an interesting business proposition.The hackers then used the photos to try to extort money from people. We saw a variation of this scheme in “Shut Up and Dance,” the third episode of the third series of the British sci-fi video series “Black Mirror.” A young man is blackmailed by someone who used the webcam in the lad’s laptop to record him watching porn.But I would say that porn-related malware is sometimes as sophisticated as anything you see in any other sector, particularly when it comes to things like click fraud.Q: Don’t porn sites sometimes experience malware problems that they’re actively trying to avoid?

No sense in pretending this isn’t an issue; few things generate as much traffic online as pornography.I read a news story on The Next that said ESET researchers discovered earlier this year consumers were being tricked into downloading malware that was hidden in what appeared to be a legitimate mobile app for Pornhub. But I’d say that the porn industry has helped pioneer things like video streaming and online payment services, and they don’t want to do things that hurt their businesses. Q: As you said, many people are too embarrassed to admit that they downloaded malware from a porn site.Does that mean that security experts don’t have a clear idea of how big of a problem this is?The malware infection rate isn’t known; a lot of the problem goes unreported.But Stephen Cobb, a senior researcher in the San Diego office of ESET, has a lot of insight on the matter.

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