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The walls would be studded on the interior with lath applied to the studs and then plastered.Sometimes the interior wall space was filled with some material for insulation.This system of construction was already out of date in East Anglia where so many other settlers had their roots.The defining trait of the housewrights in this area settled by Englishmen from the west of England is a transverse summer beam.The sill remains visible inside the completed house running around the edges of the first floor.Over time, perhaps to make the house warmer and to cover up the large exposed beams and sills the walls were built out.A move to Newburyport MA renewed my interest in all things old.

The girt and the plate have a rabbet, a groove, that is prepared to receive the planks at the top of the house.

The planks are then pinned to the frame above the first floor and again at the sills with wooden pegs or spikes The recent restoration of the Old Haskell House, a Gloucester landmark, offered the opportunity to photograph a plank framed house clearly demonstrating the vertical planks covering the frame.

These planks are then pinned to the beams at the second floor level and at the bottom are pinned to the sills of the house.

When a flashlight was shined into the hole in the wall they were peering at another very old plastered wall behind.

On this wall was early 19This is a 19th century photo of this plank framed house that looks pretty bad but it did survive.

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In this neighborhood the summer beam goes from front to back on both the first and second floor of the house.