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Most people never think about what actually goes on when they do something on the computer. Behind the facade of the user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface), many things have to be done by the system for the command to be carried out.To most people, whenever they command the computer to do something, it just does it. Let's visualize the computer system as three separate layers that communicate with each other through different interfaces.

BIOS-Boot-Diskette - Instruction to create a bootable DOS-Diskette to make a BIOS Update. Bootdisk - creates a Free DOS Bootdiskette (for BIOS flashing).

With each ESCD hardware configuration change, a corresponding BIOS memory change is established after the processor determines how to locate sufficient resources i.e.

interrupt request line (IRQ) and memory mapping ranges.

An ISA configuration utility (ICU) is also dedicated to update the ESCD through Pn P BIOS interfaces.

The Microsoft Windows operating system device manager allows a user to view the ICU configuration and make the needed or desired changes.

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