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The majority of the TV I watch is Korean, and the Korean concept of beauty is very similar to the Thai concept of beauty.

’ That’s the only time I’ve heard that word since I’ve been here.

“It’s always something to think about when there’s such a stress on making people who are not naturally light strive to change that.

Maybe five years ago, I got really into Korean pop culture.

“I was shocked to read the requirements for teaching positions,” Shepherd told me of her school’s documents.

‘Caucasians required, white preferred.’ I asked a Thai person about this, and his answer was, ‘Light skin is beautiful.’ I wanted an explanation, not an excuse.” Martha Mukaiwa, a travel writer and columnist from Africa, echoed these sentiments in a recent blog post she titled Travelling While African.

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I don’t think it’s a racism thing, just a lack of exposure.” However, this innocence can be a very positive, clean-slate type of experience, as Jones-Kobayashi has found. People see your skin colour, but it only means you have dark skin or that I’m from Africa.

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