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Brett and taya still dating

The goal of this course is to provide a new approach to thinking about taxes that will be valuable across jurisdictions even as laws change.

If you complete ACCT340 in the Fall of 2012, your spot in this course will be automatically reserved.

This is a 2-credit advanced elective in equity investing that will be offered in the Spring 2013 quarter.

The course will include examining boards in a variety of contexts with a focus on three types of situations: public for-profit companies, early-stage private companies, and non-for-profit companies of different sizes.

By contrast, tax accounting courses traditionally concentrate on technical legal and administrative issues while ignoring the environment in which taxes enter an individual's decision-making.

Each of these topics will be illustrated using contemporary examples from accounting, economics, and finance.

This course should be of value to students who expect to be in senior positions within corporations and will determine financial reporting policies, as well as those in investment banking, venture capital, investment management, consulting or public accounting.

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Dual Degree programs are offered with the School of Medicine (M.