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“I wasn’t just sitting around eating bonbons for six years,” says Marshall, 40, who’s hanging out at the moment in West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont, which she describes approvingly as a “CIA lockdown hotel.” “I was busting my ass.” have anything to do with her four-year relationship with actor Giovanni Ribisi.“It’s more about, like, actually me really composing an album than anybody I’m dating,” she says.I like the fact that when I first moved here I didn’t know anybody, and I like the fact that there were so many people and I was just one of the people. they were saying “fuck you, you suck.” I played a two-string without pressing down notes, just playing two strings for like 15 minutes, that was my song while they were telling me fuck you and get off.chan: she’s hysterical cause she’s telling the truth. I was making one chord the whole time and singing “no no no no no.” chan: piano. slide guitar, like even anything, even just playing with a bottle, I can’t do he used to go with the kids from the neighborhood to the neighborhood black church.and he always said he felt really shy at first going into the church, so he’d listen to them outside the church first, which I think is really sweet.

that’s kind of the stuff that he played till after my mom met him; he met my mom when he was 20, my mom was 17, she dropped out of high school, they got married, had two kids.

“My life isn’t fucking limited to my relationship, you know? “The dumpball hit March 20th,” she says cheerily, “and he’s so happy ’cause he just got married to a supermodel and that’s so great, but, uh, God bless us, everyone.” When Marshall got off the road about four years back, she wrote a set of songs that a friend dismissed as too depressing and too similar to her early material – so she threw the tunes away and focused on her then-new relationship.

“And I thought I’ll just be a wife and enjoy what I have,” she says. “I didn’t play my guitar, didn’t look over at the piano,” she recalls.

but my boyfriend, I knew things he didn’t think I knew. and his mother, her name’s lena, she still lives in alabama.

I would say completely hysterical, “I know these things cause it hurts you.” he was lying, and I became hysterical trying to say “I know that you are doing what you’re doing and you’re not telling me.” chan: when I was traveling with them, we got out at mcdonald’s and he was locking the door, and he said, “you know, swear to god, you remind me of somebody I knew when I was younger,” and I looked at him and was shaking him and I’m like “it’s me! I was like shit, cause it’s going to be like, “she’s a complete fuckin fool.” chan: I might be going on tour with dirty 3 in australia. but as far as rock goes, I don’t know what bands would accept me for rock. he used to go to people’s houses and tap-dance and sing for how ever much money they’d give him, like a nickel or a penny or whatever, when he was like 6 or 7.

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so I got the phone call at like 10 at night, I was in bed with my sister, and it was my great aunt ruby’s sister who took care of her. so I knew I had this huge journey, and I wasn’t prepared for the journey.

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