Chantal obrian dating after the bachelor

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“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life,” Womack told Us Weekly on Thursday at Dizzy Rooster, his Austin bar. I’m so happy.”“I just put Emily on a plane 3 hours ago,” he added. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” he raved.

When asked if he thinks the relationship will work out, Brad answered “Yes!

Photos of the couple were posted on twitter days ago by one of Brad’s friends who wrote, “Wow!

I guess you can’t trust tabloids after all.”The friend posted four photos of the couple, and on Thursday morning, Emily, 25, was photographed arriving back at Charlotte-Douglas Airport in North Carolina alone but still wearing her engagement ring. In a new interview with Usweekly, Brad, 38, gushed about Emily, making it clear he is still very happy with her.

Compatibility with your partner’s family is a strong sign that your relationship has staying power. The next person to pick Chantal was Jesse Kovacs (, season 5), but Chantal wasn’t Jesse’s only pick; he also favored Michelle Money. I just think that would be some entertaining TV,” he said. Only one person didn’t mention Chantal at all: Natalie Getz (, season 13). would have been the right choice because she is so “sweet and simple.” Unfortunately, Shawntel’s hometown tour of her family’s funeral parlor wasn’t the type of romantic introduction Brad had in mind when he committed to meeting her family.

Given that Emily’s daughter took a while to warm up to Brad, Chantal scores higher in this category. This was definitely true while Michelle’s reign on the show lasted, but Brad sent Ms. What’s more interesting than who they chose is who they – early front runner Emily!

In fact, Emily spent most of last week in Texas with Brad, during which the above photo was taken.

The verdict: None of the former reality stars chose fan favorite Emily Maynard, who 83 percent* of Cupid’s Pulse readers picked as their favorite for Brad in this week’s poll.What has The Bachelor's Chantel O'Brien been up to since the show?She is still dating and in love with boyfriend, Jeff Razore (whom she met after filming the The Bachelor) and she is happier than ever! I could be very pc in my answers to you, but let’s be real… I don’t know the actual status of their relationship but I am guessing it isn’t all rainbows.We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism., it was almost a done deal that the show favorite would be cast as the next Bachelorette — until she fell in love with Seattle dude Jeff Razore.

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Although we heard about their engagement, the lovely lady never confirmed that she got married.