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He was touching himself again as I moved up and down on the dildo, getting faster and faster.

I used my free hand to pinch my nipples and the other to thrust the dildo inside of me faster and faster.

I moved out my fingers and moved them in front of the camera so that he could see them glistening from my juices and he put his head in his hands, telling me he was so horny.

I pushed my hand inside of my panties and I could feel how wet I was.

I sat on my bed waving, taking in his surroundings. He said Hi and then told me he had to be quiet as his wife was home. He told me his wife was out with her friends and I smiled, telling him I was glad because it meant we could chat.

He asked me all about my weekend and I asked all about his, relaxing and letting him see that I wasn’t wearing a bra.

His mouth hung wide open, he said they were amazing. I could tell my tits were playing on his mind, he asked if he could see them again and I nodded, getting to my knees and pulling my top so that it rested above my breasts. I wiggled my ass a little for him before sitting back cross-legged, but I didn’t pull my shirt down I left my breasts exposed, playing with my nipples. He started asking me what I liked in the bedroom and he asked me to tell him my dirtiest story, I told him I liked to be f*cked fast and my dirtiest story is the time I f*cked in my parent’s bed.

He told me he liked fast sex too and his dirtiest story was the time he f*cked his wife at a family party inside the toilets.

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I told him I had to be quiet as my parents were home.