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Chemoheterotroph dating

Answer 1: Kingdom Eubacteria are "true bacteria", meaning they are prokaryotes.Depending on how they get nutrients, they can either be photoautotrophs, chemoautotrophs, photoheterotrophs, or chemoheterotrophs.

Hetero means mixed or different..use this prefix because there are a huge variety of organic molecules from which we can obtain our carbon.Auto/Hetero refer to where organisms get the chemical building blocks which they use to build their proteins, membranes, or tissues.All organisms on Earth are primarily composed of Carbon, and this term specifically indicates where the organisms obtains its carbon building-blocks.This is one reason why people rarely get infections from this bacterium: it is trying to eat us!This bacterium has been found to be a problem with people's breast implants..get infected around the implant because the implant is full of liquid sugar, which these bacteria love!

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