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Under Chairman Mao, China was in the throes of the decade-long Cultural Revolution, a vicious crackdown on landowners, intellectuals and religion that is thought to have claimed at least one million lives.

Over the border in Vietnam, from whence the chickens' feet came, war was raging and US president Lyndon Johnson faced a growing backlash at home over the rising body count.

"I was afraid of what people would think," Angélil told People magazine in 1994.

Ultimately, it was Dion who pushed to reveal their secret once and for all.

In 2007 a nine-year-old mathematics prodigy, March Boedihardjo, was accepted into Hong Kong Baptist university.Xu's older sister studied in Canada before taking an exam to become a government official, while his older brother also studied law at Renmin university."After the second grade, the boy felt that the school was not fast enough for him and his father arranged for him to live in Kunming and hired many excellent teachers to tutor him," said a spokesman for the school to the Beijing News.The boy's father, Xu Wenlin, is the influential chairman of a local tobacco company and already seems to have spared no expense for his son's education.According to the boy's school, Mile No.1 Middle School, the young Xu dropped out of formal education after two years of primary school and has since been home-schooled by a selection of high-powered tutors.

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"When I told her I had some really strong feelings for René she tried everything to kill him and make me snap out of it.