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After their first meeting, Kellie and Joel became good friends, danced their way to love in a ballroom class, then tied the knot a year and a half after they met.

Joel now jokes that not only did God “deliver” his wife just as He promised, He brought her right to his mailbox; a true mail-order bride.

Brian and Cindy Elliott, like Joel and Kellie, also wondered if they would ever find “the one.” But unlike the Vaughans, they didn’t meet at a mailbox, but on a dance floor of the Queen Mary when they both attended a Christian Singles dinner dance. Joel, Kellie, Brian and Cindy are like an increasing number of singles who are marrying later in life.

They understand better than most about the frustration that can result from waiting and praying to find a mate.

“When Madaline is out of the house I want to date, but I don’t know how.” Samantha has been divorced for only a year, but would like to start dating again even though her two boys are still in elementary school.

But more than 10 years after high school graduation, he still hadn’t found his wife.

“They say they’re not going to work on their issues but expect God to magically bring someone to them. Of course, there is intense emotional pain that can come from being alone. “Realize that the key to everything else in life is to get closer to God.” So while you’re waiting, praying and dating, develop a heart of gratitude and service to bless God and others.

You need to learn about yourself and learn about others.” In short, both men agree that guys should get busy and initiate!

Thankfully, when each of them explains why they didn’t marry earlier, they agree that it was due to not meeting the right person.

In retrospect, all see God’s sovereignty in action.

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“God brought Cindy at just the right time,” Brian says.

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