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If Comicon conventions weren’t enough of a dating frenzy already – you’re googling where to find good Cosplay dating sites, and that’s completely justified.

Rather than try to navigate the vetting process on-the-spot, online dating allows you to discern plenty about a prospective partner via messaging.

Like any good fantasy series, it brought action and romance in equal amounts, and thanks to some good timing, we even got the planned ending from the light novels.

What keeps this series as an Honorable Mention though is the rushed pacing.

We’re a few days away from the official start of the 2019 Winter Anime season, which gives us just enough time to reflect before being inundated with more shows than we know what to do with.

Before that happens, I thought it’d be good to look at some of the stronger series that slipped under the radar in 2018.

Anime conventions is a comic con that primarily focuses on anime, manga and Japanese pop culture.

Legendary comic creator George Pérez is to make his final UK convention appearance at MCM London this October, giving his many fans in Europe the chance to celebrate one of the industry’s best-loved figures...One problem with Cuddli involved varying expectations.As mentioned about how Comicon isn’t explicitly a place to date and meet people, Cuddli also had a persona of meeting people with common interests to cuddle.Dragon Fruit replied by saying that the company will make money from the users who subscribe to the premium service.However, there isn’t a premium service yet, and even major dating apps such as Tinder use adds to draw in revenue.

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This is an app to keep an eye on, even though you may not feel convinced to join yet.