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Consolidating debt unsecured loan

Accepting a no interest, or low interest, introductory rate on a credit card is often used as a substitute for an unsecured personal loan for debt consolidation.

The biggest benefit to an unsecured debt consolidation loan is that no property is at risk.

Often, there is a transfer fee in the fine print which negates some of the savings.

(To learn about different ways to deal with outstanding debts, see Options for Dealing With Your Debt.) With debt consolidation, you get a single loan to pay off all of your smaller loans, thereby leaving you with just one monthly payment rather than several.This might result in a payment that is not low enough to make a difference in your financial situation.Using balance transfer options on no-interest or low-interest credit card offers are tricky.And, while the interest rate might be higher than a secured loan, it might be less than is charged on several different credit card balances, thereby lowering your interest burden and your payment.An unsecured debt consolidation loan might be hard to get if you don’t have sterling credit.

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There are many options for debt consolidation using secured loans.

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