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Consolidating school loans rates

Earnest was acquired by Navient in 2017 and they have an agreement where they cannot refinance Sallie Mae loans until 12/31/2018 (which has since expired).The average Earnest user who consolidate and refi with Earnest saves ,939.They are not a bank but instead a finance company, who got their start matching alumni benefactors with existing students to help fund their education.The alumni investors would get a return on these loans while students enjoyed lower rates than what the federal loan program offered.The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rate.

At this point, your old loans will all be paid off and you will receive instructions on how to make payments on your new consolidation loan.

They are a full-service bank that offers student loans, mortgages, personal loans, and other banking products.

It just so happens they are also one of the leaders in student loans as well.

Pay your bills on time, pay down any credit card debt and do not apply for any new credit in the months leading up to your student loan consolidation.

These actions will improve your credit score, which plays a large role in determining the interest rate you get on your consolidation loan.

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The average Laurel Road client who refis will save $20,000 on the life of their loans.

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