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Consummating dating

Tonya was set to become Kyla's maid of honor, and as a result, had been spending a lot of time with Dave and Kyla in the weeks leading up to the wedding.While Tonya never had much interest in dating Dave, she felt he was much too conservative for her; however she had begun to develop an intense sexual attraction to him.The wedding went off, without a hitch, then the wedding partied went outside for pictures.The entire time, Kyla was bossy and condescending to her bridesmaids, groomsmen, and even the cameraman.Kyla's best friend Tonya had noticed Kyla becoming more and more self-righteous, and began to feel the need to do something, to put Kyla in her place. She was about the same height as Kyla, with should length dark hair, with blonde highlights.Unlike Kyla, Tonya had very large, full breasts, and was much less of a prude.

Ever the gentleman, Dave lifted up Kyla, and carried her into the hotel room; however by the time he got inside to the room, Kyla was completely out cold.Kyla, while pleasant, had a tendency to be somewhat stuck up.Dave doting on her, only increased her level of self-importance.Knowing Kyla was having a big wedding, and would be spending most of the reception, greeting guests, an enjoying being the center of attention, Tonya would be left unnoticed.Tonya would even draw her normal lustful glances from men, as the bridesmaid dresses Kyla had chosen were completely unflattering, with large poofy sleeves, and a large bow on the front, which hid Tonya's breasts.

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Her behaviour just made Tonya smile even more, knowing she would deserve what was coming to her.

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