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When two people, three hours deep into a date, realise they’ve spent most of it berating the demands of dating apps – the very medium through which the meeting was arranged – it’s clear that something is amiss with our dating culture.One half of that weary twosome was me a few months ago, and while my date and I shared passionate beliefs about the burden of Bumble and the tedium of “Tinder admin”, that was about as deep as our connection went.

Ann, a journalist in her 30s in London, swore off dating apps 12 months ago after four years on Tinder, a few weeks on Bumble and 24 hours on The Inner Circle ("the worst of the worst"), and says she'll "never go back”.

While most people prefer meeting someone in this way, no one knows how to go about it.

Women have been traditionally taught to have a passive role in dating and that the man should make the first move.

Outside the tech world, dating events and companies are springing up everywhere.

Jordi Sinclair founded Smudged Lipstick in July 2016 after noticing people becoming “disconnected from the ‘real life’ aspect of dating”.

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"When you’re dealing with stuff that’s 'only' in real life it doesn’t carry the pressure of your date having to live up to an image you’ve cultivated on an app," a natural tendency for many users.