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In these cases, Professor Sánchez and his team collected the information through descriptions, the university said.

Researcher Alí García Segura, a member of the Bribri community that was part of the project, stressed the importance of working closely with these peoples.

To change that mentality.” Paulino Najera, a member of the Brorán tribe, said that: "When you forget the basis of health that is food, we are basically forgetting where we come from.” Many Costa Ricans, expats and visitors know well the Chiliguaro; the drink made out of tomato juice, salt, chili pepper and Guaro, a traditional liquor made from sugar cane.More than 200 chefs of typical Costa Rican food from 64 towns of the country will present their work at the 8th edition of the Costa Rican "Gustico" Fair, Friday to Sunday, from 11 a.m.until 8 p.m., at the National Stadium in San José*.Neither have words in Spanish as a comparative, the university said.However, several traditional foods are no longer consumed, Sánchez said, partly because it costs a lot to get the ingredients, especially some animals.

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It is always an opportunity for many families to promote their products, but "this year an important factor in the processes of training and evaluation of the participants was innovation, so those who visit the Fair they will find products and very novel undertakings," said Renato Alvarado, Minister of Agriculture.

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