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Darksecret chat

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When my son turned one, i realized he needed more of my time so i decided to work on night shifts. While I was busy working and taking care of my son at home during day, my husband was having fun in his office. He started meeting women as a single or as someone who’s undergoing divorce. He started coming back late from office citing work and onshore calls and what not.

My husband was working during day and i was working nights. For next four years, i had to undergo at least one termination of pregnancy every year because my husband didn’t want the second child. I was on maternity leaves when he mentioned that he would be late since he had a party in the office. It was AM when i called him, he messaged stating party is still on.

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Love marriage was still a taboo in my family and i was the first one to break that record and to even marry to a Punjabi.

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My health started to suffer due to lack of sleep and after too much struggle I left my job.