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Dating a japanese stratocaster

At the beginning of the Fender Japan venture, Tokai was seriously being considered as the manufacturer, but after a breakdown in negotiations, Fuji Gen Gakki was chosen instead.Some Fuji Gen-made Fender Japan models between 19 have necks made by Atlansia.

The Japanese guitar factories that produced Fender Japan guitars at various times were Fuji Gen Gakki, Tōkai Gakki and Dyna Gakki.

Tōkai Gakki and Dyna Gakki took over the manufacture of the Fender Japan models in 1996/1997.

The Tōkai-made Fender Japan guitars were not exported, but some of the Dyna-made Fender Japan guitars were.

The first CIJ Fenders started around 1992, when Dyna Gakki took over some of the production requirements of Fender Japan.

This resulted in the "Crafted in Japan" inscription appearing on some Japanese Fenders during this period.

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