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Dating an emotional vampire

For example, a woman told me about her abusive husband who, after several years of marriage, asked her to explain the smallest things.When she got up from the couch and went to put a glass in the sink, he wanted to know why she was doing that.And when I became quiet she chided me for not being more demonstrative the way I used to be. And when I finally did manage to end our marriage, I felt that I had been set free.So while we might sympathize with those who unfortunately are vampires, their actions are poison to healthy people.

Sympathy is doled out in small doses when it will do the most good; empathy is seen as a tool the abusive person can use to keep a loved one in line.Living with an abusive person means learning to live in a topsy-turvy world where normal rules do not apply.It is like the movie the Poseidon Adventure where the ship gets turned upside down and the floor is the ceiling and the ceiling the floor.In another simple everyday example, my ex-wife, after ten years of marriage, began to correct my way of speaking.Being an English major, I knew how to talk, yet she decided she did not like certain phrases I used and told me not to say them.

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