Dating hohokam canals

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The history of Canal System 1 will be reconstructed using some recent and particularly fortuitous excavations in the Riverview project area, through which passed virtually all of the main lines in the system.

The Riverview data will be matched with decades of excavation results from various other parts of Canal System 1 to trace the canal routes from head to terminus.

Los problemas de datar canales prehistóricos son muy conocidos; pocas veces se recupera el material adecuado para obtener fechados por medio de métodos tradicionales.

Sin embargo, las téchnicas arqueomagnéticas pueden ofrecer una alternativa para datar los canales en regiones para las cuales ya existen curvas maestras de desviación polar.

This project studies the development of large-scale water management and complex social institutions through the example of the prehistoric Hohokam of south-central Arizona, builders of the largest hydraulic works in Pre-Columbian North America, with a 1,000-history of irrigation practice and expansion.

In contrast, some preliminary excavation results from approximately 100 main canals in Canal System 1, the largest of the ancient irrigation complexes, hint that the Hohokam case may be more in line with theoretical expectations than previously thought.

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Sin embargo, por lo menos algunos sedimentos parecen registrar inclinaciones menos precisas que las declinaciones.

En estos casos, un método de datación consiste en comparar los valores de las declinaciones de estos sedimentos con las curvas maestras de declinaciones.

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The problems with dating prehistoric canals are renowned, due to the fact they seldom contain material appropriate for traditional dating methods.