Dating horseshoes

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A different viewpoint on the development of the nail-on shoe: ​ Who first invented horseshoes?

The traditional view (still held by some archaeologists) is that they were invented by the Celts around 100 B. This opinion is based on the fact that they had the need (northern type horses with broad soft feet subject to wear), the resources (a supply of iron) and the skills (to forge and fashion them).

A review of early Roman discourses on horse care and veterinary matters provides no written evidence for use of horseshoes whatsoever. fixing prices for everyday goods and services, including those of the (horse doctor), and although this contained an exhaustive list of equine services and procedures (including care and trimming of feet), it does not list anything at all relating to shoes or shoeing. D., but other than that it is very difficult to be precise.

There are plenty of references to the need for good feet, soundness and hard hooves, but not one single mention a horseshoe. A rather surprising omission if the Romans shod their horses. on “The Veterinary Art” makes no mention of horseshoes whatsoever, so it seems highly likely that the horseshoe in its modern form was actually developed some time between 500 A. It seems that horseshoes were not widely used initially, as there is only very limited evidence from their early years.

​ A final parting thought: Why was the shoe invented?

Common sense answers “to prevent wear of the horses foot, so it does not go lame”, and that is a very good reason, especially for a cavalry horse that is travelling a long distance, such as to fight in the Crusades.

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