Dating is craigs list legitimate washington state laws on minors dating adults

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Why would an ad that the over-strict moderators finally approve, cause so much offense that it is constantly rejected. This site is a total rip off ,every post that we put up was flagged and when we asked if someone had an agenda towards us they constantly referred to TOS and told us to read it again not answering the question of an agenda towards us. ....away " data-username="Gary  G." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Gary G." data-details="Photo uploaded on 8/6/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/" data-browse-link="/photos/" data-browse-text="Browse all Doublelist photos" They fall far short of what they are attempting to do.

Not to mention that my messages were not being forwarded to the appropriate recipient. A craigslist want to be that is a joke in comparison. Heard about dl from a friend of mine so I decided to try it out.

It flag the term gay as vulgar oh, but said I could still post it. I do not understand why a place that wants to put up success stories, with people meeting, would not allow an innocent relationship ad for a gay man finding another gay man.

Apartment hunters in big cities know the drill: They spot a listing for a well-priced, attractive place and make an inquiry, only to be met with demands for an instant credit check or an upfront fee to access the full listing.

Doesn't anyone think this is something suspicious. If I were allowed to give them either zero or negative stars I would.They must have religious ppl, working for them cause they won't allow posts seeking sex without money or anything illegal which is $#*! Best thing to do is go to reddit or post in a classifieds section cause this site blows but no one is enjoying it. The site blocks and denies nearly every post I try to put up, I even put the word testing in a post and that was the only word in it repeated several times and they denied. I cant even say BJ without getting censored what a joke! Months back I had an account on Doublelist - it was ok, but closed my account due to issues I was running into. I decided to try again and went to open a new account as I no longer had access to the old one as it was closed. ing idiots If you let them know how you feel they block you.

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I find DL to be discriminatory towards women as men delete ads to "increase" their chances. It was craiglist's freedom to write explicit ads and to use the raunchy language that most guys are looking for when they go on sites to find a blow job. Remember, she's the one who shut down the personals on craiglist. My post was taken down for no apparent reason and good luck trying to get in contact with them.

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