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Dating islam forbidden

An Islamic scholar has condemned a social media trend that has swept the Middle East and much of the world, arguing it goes against the religion.Essam al-Roubi, a graduate of Egypt's top Islamic university, told local media on Saturday said the Face App challenge is forbidden because it "changes God's creation".Indeed, a number of imams, notably in Europe and North America, are conducting such marriages.According to Islamic Law, if a Muslim man marries a Jewish or Christian woman, the woman has the right to continue practicing her faith.

In recent years, a number of Islamic scholars have argued that this assumption no longer holds true, as men and women are treated as equals and women are perfectly capable of making their own decisions.

Their grandchildren may not be raised Muslim and could grow up without any religion at all.

Some also fear repercussions with respect to the social perception of their family by other members of the Muslim community.

Jews and Christians, like Muslims, are considered to be People of the Book who share revealed scriptures perfected in the Qur’an.

The Qur’an is silent on marriages of Muslim women to Jewish and Christian men, but the principal schools of Islamic jurisprudence all agree that under no circumstances may a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim man.

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Roubi, however, has not been so amused by the pictures.

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