Dating long distance and first visit Girl lebanese naked

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Dating long distance and first visit

I have to admit, I love our meetings; they are the best moments of my life!

And I think that you’ll agree with me – Meeting your girlfriend after a few week, months or even years of not seeing each other is the BEST PART of a long distance relationship.

1) During your conversations, listen to what she’s telling you that she likes; and also to the things that she might say that she wished she had, or wants to have.

It’s just a magnificent moment that it’s worth all the struggle and the suffering of being apart.

Now, besides the superb emotions of that first moment when you finally hug her (for real now, not on Skype), there are a lot of other great moments that you expect to spend with her during that visit, that’s why having a little plan and some mind notes of interesting activities that you’ll do together will always be a great advantage.

BUT, read this carefully – the point is not to visit her without notice, I know this may might sound a bit weird, but planning ahead some of the activities that you’ll be doing together, will save you a lot of worries and give you that feeling of control over things.

Once I made a list of around 40 things I wanted to do and even arranged them day by day. In that moment I thought that she’ll be so turned off, but NO, she even liked it and told me that she couldn’t wait for us to do those things together.

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And especially if you edit those clips and create one video summing up your whole experience, then that’s gonna be literally a treasure for you and for you relationship.

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