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Dating love romance thailand

The gangs have been reported through FBI communiques, to be also cooperating with mafia and criminal network in eastern Europe.

They are then recruiting African nationals migrating throughout the world as foot soldiers.

The US Justice Department, in recent reports, have linked the online romance scam racket to Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.

The range of scams run from property hoaxes to romance scamming and the use of fake emails to lure business customers into parting with substantial amounts of money.

Police in Thailand last year also linked the activities of the romance scamming gangs to the financing and execution of drugs related criminal activity and even prostitution were the Africans were trafficking prostitutes from Africa into Thailand.

The links of the activity to Nigeria in particular can also be traced to elaborate crime networks and mafia organisations in that country.Up to recent years, these international gangs, many operating from African and in particular Nigeria, pressed ahead with their conspiracies with virtual impunity.In Thailand at least, all this has changed as a huge crackdown on the fraudsters took hold last year and culminated at the end of January with a raid in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur in which Thailand’s leading cop Lieutenant General Surchate Hapkarn was on hand to see 14 arrested including 7 Nigerians and 7 Thai women while simultaneous raids took place in Thailand.There is some light at the end of the tunnel in the fight against the evil and menace of online love scammers.Thai police this week arrested six more suspects including 5 Thai nationals and a Nigerian who conned victims out of ฿2.5 million.

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The US Department of Justice has recently published alarming reports on the scale of the threat being posed.

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