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If its highschool, remember you’ll eventually breakup (high probability) and never have to see these people again. To answer your question, we never dated before I told her.

4) Do not just hang around your girl like a baby elephant. 5) If games are involved, do not win all the time as if you are participating in an international tournament.

And if this is an event that you are unable to back out of, you should probably brush up on your social skills by giving this program a go.

After seeing each other for a few months, your girlfriend has invited you to meet her friends, and you’re apprehensive.

And I bet that they have already trash talked about you when she told them about you throughout the week.

Usually when a woman has fallen for you, she will want to be with you just based on attraction alone.

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Tell her jokingly that you already have a lot of friends to handle, and will only take on more friends if she is your girlfriend.