Dating men who have never been married

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Dating men who have never been married

.” I will never forget having lunch with a colleague several years ago who had recently wrapped up a painful divorce.We were talking about re-entering the dating scene, and she was sharing with me some of the things she was looking for in an ideal man.

Was it “better” to have someone who may likely already have children?

” Now, I recognize that is very narrow thinking, but in honesty, that was my first reaction.

What followed was a really great discussion about the perceived pros and cons of dating (or potentially marrying) someone who had never been married before, versus someone who had gone through a divorce.

I’ve heard friends wonder aloud, “He’s 40, never been married and has no kids?

Something must be wrong with him.” While some women may consider that man a catch, others stay away wondering why he hasn’t at been married or at the very least, why he has no children.

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Maybe they think he’s a dog, a player, a commitment phobe or an emotionally unstable man who is too immature to settle down. After all, should he settle just because he’s 37 years old and his mother is begging him for grandchildren?

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