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I am not going to let any men meet my daughter more than once, unless things are going to get serious....

I I'm a loyal, intelligent, quick witted and highly intuitive girl.

Absolute musts: 1) Overall intelligence 2) Good articulation 3) A well cultured individual 4) Someone genuine who isn't going to bull**it me.

5) Understanding 6) Well dressed (no holes, boxers hanging out, clothes that barely fit etc..) Traits that put me off: -Lack of social graces -Excessive binge drinking -Profound vanity -Lax views on personal wellbeing -Apathy Well..

i want too met a peerson that can hang out with at clubs and with my friends and not mine to be a lone at times. i like my seattle scene music like alice in chains and pearl jam, my alternagrrl music like tori amos and foray into the industrial and electronic genres. i am looking for a guy between the ages of 20-25, someone who loves animals, rodeos, and country music.

piles of books cover my walls, typical of an english undergrad. Oh yeah, and I may not be as funny as I think I am. I am an outgoing person who really enjoys the outdoor life.

I enjoy the out-doors, reading, music, biking, camping, movies.Datingnmore offers absoutely free Saskatchewan dating, as well as many other singles all over the world.Hey my name is Christa and i am 5"3 i have long red hair green eyes and i weigh about 115-120 pounds. I am currently taking boxing classes which are my life.I am a 23/year old female.a small town in Saskatchewan..I am about 5'9..long brown curly hiar with highlights..brown eyes....a cute lil nose ring..

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