Dating saudi arabian guy

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Dating saudi arabian guy

The piece has very insightful analysis about tribes, “meta-tribes” and the complex matter that is marriage in Saudi-Arabia.The problems that arise from tribalism are numerous and seemingly only negatively effect the Saudi woman.I asked the author and he agreed to share his thoughts on Blue Abaya.In his post, which he says was written as a sort of apologetic letter to all the women he hurt in his life, the writer goes through tribalism and its deeper meanings in the society while trying to explain to himself, and to the women who came across his path, the reasoning behind his actions.The illusion is of somewhat brain washed, rather boring men going about their monotonous days without much feeling or thought about life or how it would’ve been had he been born without the y chromosome.The truth is Saudi men have hopes, dreams and fears just like any man in any other country.Especially the new generation seems to have a lot of frustration toward the contradictions and hardships they face in their every day lives living in a tribal society such as Saudi-Arabia. “Why am I not married, or in a serious relationship and the Meta Tribe” Plain and simple, the reason why I am not in a serious relationship of any kinda goes back to 1 reason, reverse tribalism or Meta Tribalism.

I also have a very specific way of life and a set of beliefs that finally made me a happy person.

This is also a criteria of what is considered a ”compatible” tribe.

If a family or tribe has the same power amongst other tribes, or the same financial level, this will insure that money doesn’t fly to others who are greedy or that the other tribe aimed to take advantage of the other tribe’s social status or power, also this makes sure that civility dictates when conflicts arise as so much more than just 2 people are involved.

Since tribes have a strong political and financial power, non-tribals fearing for their well being around much more powerful groups started grouping together.

Non-tribals started creating Meta Tribes amongst like minded and financially compatible families around them for the same reasons that Tribals created tribes.

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