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It may not be immediately obvious which parts of your baby you're looking at, but the sonographer will be able to help you work it out.He or she may need to prod your belly a bit to “encourage” the baby into a suitable position.

It's not completely foolproof – but the dating scan is a much more accurate way to work out how far you are into pregnancy than calculating it by the date of your last period, which is the only method the midwives will have used so far to work out your due date.

They will also look at the head, limbs, feet, heartbeat and check that the major organs are developing as they should.

They will look at the placenta itself and will take note of its position, which may have implications for later in the pregnancy.

This can be something of an uncomfortable challenge if your sonographer has particularly long waiting times.

I had to drink so much bloody water before my scan only to find there was a delay before my appointment – I felt like I was going to explode.

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