Dating service fling

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Dating service fling

People, meaning male and females' are employed to pretend to be females interested in you, to keep you on 'edge' so you sign up for a further 3 months.

One profile in particular is very dangerous as when 'she' asks to videocam with you she recorded the proceedings and posts the clips to xtube.

The customer service rep, who no doubt has the exact same conversation all day long, stated that it was a non-refundable membership.

This is one safe and dating-friendly place that will keep your lust to the same levels as at the time of registration because you won’t have to spend a minute worrying that you chat with a bot!If you have complaints concerning this and would like to remove your account, you must contact them at [email protected] If you have used this service before, please leave your reviews below. Customer service is a joke Just want money and keep customers forever.example: sent to the company with no results: I was on the phone with your agent Victoria while doing the signup. As soon as she informed me that it recorded 1 year instead of 1 month I stopped and exited as she told me.Your site is ripping people off with fake profiles and photos.My experience was signing up for a 1 month membership, cancelling after 28 days and then having a full 6 month membership charged to my card 2 days later.

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From that perspective, it’s easy to imagine what would be the use of profile verification.