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This is also sometimes true for women when meeting a man in a casual setting.

In the workplace one would ask about the other’s work and at first, stick to work-related topics.

Mozambicans have a great sense of humour and enjoy sharing anecdotes and funny stories. When Mozambicans meet, they kiss each other on the left and then right cheek.

Men usually do not kiss men but they will kiss women and women will kiss each other as well. At a first meeting, your host or a colleague might introduce you to someone and say your name and their name or they might say their name. At a first meeting you would not ask someone about how they lived during the war years or if they lost any family members.

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After a relationship has developed it would be appropriate to ask about the other’s health, family, etc.

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You could talk about the cost of things in the market or the weather, or you could talk about the traditional foods that you have eaten.

You might also ask people what part of the country they come from and if you have been there then that is another fairly safe topic.

When speaking with someone, it is appropriate to keep an arm’s length distance, though Mozambicans generally have a smaller personal space than Canadians.

It is not necessarily important to maintain eye contact.

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