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I am no Carnival “animal”, but I was a Cozy Guzzlers Carnival Band reveler for several years, sailing upon the waves of heat produced by the Capital’s asphalt laden roads.I sailed the Cozy Guzzlers “Matloes” ship with Captains like “Zeks”, “Antone” Modeste, Vaughn Charles, and others, as well as with numerous Deck Hands, Privates, and Petty Officers, including “Sally”, a fallen sailor who is now at rest from his labours on the good ship, Cozy.

What a hearty party it was, just sitting there, hawk-like, in the great company of other hawks like “Nenes”, “Vee” and “Coco”, with my beastly-cold Piton Beer in hand – thanks originally to Chemist Jimmy “Hambone” Evelyn – soaking in these “bad-in-bum-bum” vibrations, all compliments Saint Lucia Carnival 2019!Thousands of other men have been “chipping down the road” of Saint Lucia during Carnival for decades now, and I have never observed any propensity for excessive nudity on their part.In fact, it is quite the contrary; Lucian men, and men in general, do not want to be naked.Then, you are able to upload up to 27 pictures and search for interracial singles from local city.Besides, standard members can send free winks to start a conversation and reply emails from other members.

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Like de Mighty Sparrow, give me my “drunk and disorderly”, beautiful, sexy, tantalizing, rocking, grinding, wining, misbehaving, “bad-in-bum-bum” Lucian Carnival female revelers, any time, and any day!

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