Dating yale locks

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Each manufacturer has its own set of pins and most have a few different styles within each brand.

Pin sets are a little expensive if you will only be doing this once.

There are times in a home’s life when you need to change the locks.

However if the locks are in good condition and they are relatively new you can probably just change the pins and get new keys.

We will look at the process for your home and help you understand your options and the relative cost for each procedure.

Lets first take a look at swapping out all your old hardware for new hardware and then we will cover what might be involved in keeping your locks but changing the keys.

The process of rekeying a lock is not that difficult however it does take some skill.

For this reason I am not going to go into all the steps needed to complete the task I am going to tell you about it and then tell you your best option to get the work done. Each pin is made to an exact length and matches the notches on your key.

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But you should do your homework and read reviews about the products you think you want and make sure they are of decent quality.

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