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After interviewing parents and teens from across the country about the issues that cause conflict in their lives, we asked parenting expert Dr.

Laura Kastner for advice on how to tackle these issues and included her perspectives in the Expert Advice videos you’ll find throughout the site. Kastner is a clinical psychologist and clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Washington, and a nationally recognized author and speaker who has appeared on A specialist in adolescent health, Dr.

Information is presented in fast-paced five minute reads that fit into your busy schedule.

Killing time waiting in the car for your kids to finish practice?

She teaches parents the importance of clarifying their own values and beliefs about sexuality, love, and relationships, thus forming the solid foundation needed to have the sex talks.

Teen World Confidential: Five Minute Topics to Open Conversation About Sex and Relationships by Kim T.

Cook Teen World Confidential offers parents and other caring adults tips and tools to inspire honest conversation about adolescent sexual health.

Paren Teen Connect also offers research-based, expert advice on real-life issues through a partnership with renowned parenting expert Dr. At Paren Teen, you’ll find the tools you need to make adolescence less of a struggle and a lot more fun.

Expert Advice videos are a defining component of Paren Teen Connect.

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Her engaging, humorous and inspiring style shows parents how to turn conversations they dread into something they look forward to and embrace whole-heartedly.

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