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Just like an adult, the child needs to be prompted to recognize that it is not the shoe that they need so desperately; it is that they miss their mommy/daddy that is not always with them anymore.

They need it explained to them that it does feel “yucky” to not have control of when or how to see mom/dad.

They may not understand the ambiguity of fights or quick sarcastic remarks, but they feel the negative energy between the adults, just like an adult would feel the unspoken tension of two people who cannot stand each other.

The antidote is to speak openly about the shifts and to explain the fights in an age appropriate manner (e.g.

” The answer is “yes” and the scary part is that they understand with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-year-old information.

Young children under 5 are highly disrupted when there is strife and conflict in their parents’ marriage. old tend to understand cause/effect and the world around them as how “they” make things happen.

Most parents hope that their small children are really not aware of what is happening around them.

The number one question in my office is often “but do they really understand?

Divorced Girl Smiling received this e-mail from a young woman seeking divorce advice.

It made me realize how little I write about divorce with no kids involved (with the exception of second marriages that end in divorce with no kids.) But what I want to say is that divorce is painful whether the couple has kids or not.

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From the standpoint of attachment, consider that a child looks to the parents, the parents’ emotional state, and the parents’ verbal/non-verbal communication for his sense of safety.

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