Expect dating turkish man

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Expect dating turkish man

Her 10- year relationship had ended and I’d lost my eldest brother.

At the time I was 45 and dedicated to my career managing student university accommodation in Manchester.

I met Sezayi on that very fi rst visit to Turkey in 2000.

Pauline and I had dinner in the hotel and restaurant that he owned and got chatting.

When I began a love affair with Turkey 11 years ago I didn’t expect that it would also lead to me falling for a local man, 17 years my junior, who has been my husband for fi ve years.

I thought he was very attractive but certainly didn’t ever plan on anything romantic happening between us.

Two years after we fi rst met we shared a kiss but even then I was reticent about a relationship developing.

I’m an intelligent woman and I had obvious concerns such as our age and cultural differences.

He was 18 years younger than me and had a stall selling watches on the local market.

He asked if I’d like to meet for a drink that night and I thought it would be a bit of harmless fun.

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His English was very good thanks to many years working in the hotel business.

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