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Don’t add confusion to the situation by blurring lines.In other words, act like a friend with whom you happen to be sexually involved, not a romantic partner.This type of situation works best when the two of you are friends and nothing more.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with loving, committed relationships, friends with benefits arrangements bring their own perks to the table.Let’s take a closer look at how you choose the right person, how you get things started, and how you successfully maintain the relationship to everyone’s benefit. It’s the question most people that have never been in a FWB relationship before have right off the bat – how do you actually go from just knowing someone to actually have a super close emotional connection to.It could be an old friend from your school days that you reconnected with over Facebook.It could be a hot waiter you flirt with every time you grab a bite at your favorite restaurant, a sexy acquaintance a friend introduced you to, or a random hook-up you really hit it off with.In most cases these days, adventurous people find sex buddies on casual dating sites like

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Those that swear by FWB say such relationships come attached to better, hotter sex and much less heartbreak among other things.

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