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“That usually leads to talking about other shows we like or silly shows from our childhood, and the conversation just seems to flow from there.” Since conversational lulls can be unnerving, jot a couple of conversation-starters down on a Post-it before you make the call. If the person who’s on the line is answering you with one-syllable words, deploy some open-ended questions—the ones that start with what, when, why, where or how.

Think: “How did you get interested in being a physical therapist?

You could try to relax them by complimenting them on their conversational skills.

For example, when they ask a question, say something like ‘That’s a great question!

“Listen carefully to the other person for something that intrigues you, then offer something interesting about yourself that might relate to his/her answer.” For instance, if he says he’s got to get some new skis this weekend, ask where he skis, whether he’s into downhill or cross-country, or — if you’re not a skier — ask what sports he’s into during the warmer months, perhaps mentioning your volleyball skills in the process.

Unless you’ve already agreed on a date, don’t make a big deal about deciding when you’ll talk next. ) • Watch TV • Or make it sound like you’re doing anything else The person on the other end of the phone deserves your full attention, you don’t really need to multitask by checking your emails at the same time, do you?

espite society’s text message and My Space obsession, nothing has really replaced the old-fashioned telephone call as a way to explore someone you’re interested in.

After all, who wouldn’t feel better about meeting someone after hearing their voice?

Even so, the first phone call can be nerve wracking.

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The listener can’t see it, but he or she can hear a smile in the tone of your voice.” “If the person on the other end of the line makes you nervous, simply stand up while you’re talking,” says Dorman.

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