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Meiotic recombination generates genetic diversity upon which selection can act.Recombination rates are highly variable between species, populations, individuals, sexes, chromosomes, and chromosomal regions.The programme will provide plenty of opportunities for you to submit your work for consideration as a symposium, oral or poster presentation.Full details on registration fees, accommodation and exhibition opportunities will be made available in due course.Connects directly to the Team Snap app, already in the pockets of over 20 million coaches, managers, players and parents.Build and manage stress-free events with tools for team registration, game scheduling, real-time communication, bracket updates, officials management and more.It’s the easiest way to run tournaments and keep participants coming back every year.

Chemical signaling in animals often plays a central role in eliciting a variety of responses during reproductive interactions between males and females.After excluding regions in the genome that trace their ancestry to recent migrant groups, the genetic diversity of 20 Khoe-San groups fitted an isolation-by-distance model.Even though isolation-by-distance explained most genetic affinities between the different autochthonous groups, additional signals of contact between Khoe-San groups could be detected.The underlying mechanisms are controlled at the genetic and epigenetic level and show plasticity toward the environment.Environmental plasticity may be divided into short- and long-term responses.

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Here, we combined whole transcriptome sequencing, proteomics, histology, and molecular phylogenetics in a comparative approach to investigate SPF occurrence in male breeding glands across the evolutionary tree of anurans (frogs and toads).

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