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Sure it has some stupid jokes, and toilet humor (that I admit I chuckled at in disgust like the diarrhea scene and the lesbian kiss with the old woman), but it also has some very clever jokes, like when is it appropriate to start a slow clap, why do these teen movies seem to only have one black character, and how silly is it that things slow down for emphasis when the beautiful female lead enters the room. If you've seen the other modern spoofs, I'm confident you will appreciate the noticeable and subtle differences between them and Teen Movie that make the latter much more enjoyable and palatable to watch.

Coming up with the perfect date can be hard, especially when you're strapped for cash. From outdoor picnics to yoga, here are some great date ideas that won't break the bank!

Teens and adults are often unaware of how regularly dating violence occurs, so it is important to get the facts and share them with your teen.

Parents also should be alert to warning signs that a teen may be a victim of dating violence, such as: Teens who are in abusive relationships are at increased risk of long-term consequences, including poor academic performance, binge drinking and suicide attempts.

Plus, if you're scared of falling, just hold on to bae a little tighter!

It sounds super cheesy, but bowling is a classic date for a reason. Read the same book and then get together and discuss it.

See if your town has a local ice skating rink open in the winter.

If you wait for the perfect moment, you might miss the best opportunities.

It's important to talk with your teen now about what does and doesn't constitute a healthy relationship.

If your teen becomes sexually active — whether you think he or she is ready or not — it may be more important than ever to keep the conversation going. Remind your teen that you expect him or her to take sex and the associated responsibilities seriously.

And all of their friends are the same as any other teen movie: Areola, the naked foreign exchange student, Les, the beautiful weirdo, Malik, the token black guy, the desperate virgins, Amanda Becker, the perfect girl, Ricky, Janey's obsessed best friend, and Sadie, the VERY old undercover reporter.

Varying from scene to scene that includes the character of Malik, between theatrical and deleted footage, his hair changes inconsistently in length and style.

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