Gemini dating virgo

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Not to mention that he’ll want more of the intellectual talks with her.She will think of him as a charmer who wants to conquer everyone and everything.Only after they will know each other better, will the passion start to come to the surface.Don’t think for a moment the Virgo is innocent and pure just because she’s represented by a Virgin.Not to mention there’s also the risk of him being with another woman while she is waiting for him at home.Life with a woman in this sign can be a lot like army: discipline, routine and responsibilities. The Virgo woman wants to be in control if everything.

She’s a woman who wants to know why things are happening, he’s a man who wants to know how these things take place.When they are on their first dates, the Virgo woman and the Gemini man will struggle to impress each other.She will seem uninterested but optimistic, he will talk a lot and be cheerful.But no matter how different they may be, these two have many things to learn from each other. They also have Mercury in their chart, but they are using it for criticizing and only in private.Governed by Mercury, the Gemini man is all about communication and openness. The Virgo woman will want everything to be perfect, so she will try to change and make people around her more to her taste.

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