Grandstream phone not updating time

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Grandstream phone not updating time

Abdel: One thing that installers, users, and resellers need to know is to always read the firmware notes.Reading the notes is the most important thing to do prior to deciding to update the firmware of all your devices.Another key thing to mention is that Grandstream’s UCM IP PBX can be used as this type of local firmware server by using the zero configuration feature supported by the UCM and certain Grandstream devices.

The devices will then download the firmware from this Grandstream firmware server path.

Brian: Definitely some good information to know, especially for our installers out there.

Any other possible ways to update firmware worth mentioning?

In today’s environment of consistent innovation, firmware updates are a way to keep our devices up-to-date and running efficiently.

Bug fixes, user interface improvements, security fixes, and feature enhancements consistently roll out to just about any device that is connected to the internet, and Grandstream’s line of communication and networking solutions are no different.

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It allows our resellers to mass-provision the phones they purchase from a Grandstream distributor via that distributor’s GAPS server.

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