Hacked cams

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Hacked cams

"Internet of things" devices pose a threat that their non-connected counterparts never did.

They increase the number of gateways into your home by introducing vulnerabilities that didn't exist previously.

As the number of connected gadgets around your home increases, so do your chances of getting hacked.

Those odds are still very small, but it does happen.

Lakhani also suggests putting security cameras on a network of their own.

Using the above steps will provide multiple layers of security, making it increasingly difficult for an attacker to take over.

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Even the dramatized version of a hacked smart home in a recent episode of the USA channel's "" sent a chill down my spine.

The mere thought of what havoc someone could wreak if they were ever in control of my thermostat, webcams, smart lights and other connected devices is horrifying. Ironic as it may be, , you would need to be in range of the wireless network the camera is connected to.

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Lakhani also explains that when a security camera transmits the video feed over the internet, the video signal could fall victim to password attacks, weak or default passwords and attacks that circumvent authentication on the security company's web servers altogether.

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