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4047598If you don't like the notables, YOU go to some original research or deep digging, & post your results. Scammers are now increasingly interested in defrauding users through Google Maps that lets users change or correct the listings displayed on the service. FISA = STARTQDJT's 27Nov AM Tweet decodes to Q1694.https: is co-founder and CEO of Loop Capital Markets, a global investment firm.

Otherwise, post something to remind anons of where we are. Seeing this as an effectively exploitable opportunity, scammers are modifying the contact information of banks on the app’s listings. 4047594You can't win, because you are stuck recycling the same stale, inappropriate attitudes, left over from 4chan, which are completely inappropriate to this board. The PEOPLE are creative and flexible, and are growing and changing. In 1999, Obama's brother-in-law served as a managing director at Loop Capital.

“Twelve or 24 months ago this would have been a very challenging deal to pull off.”https: corporate giant Ferrovial makes millions from Australia’s torture of refugees on Nauru A major corporation with ties to New Zealand is making millions running the Australian Government’s refugee “processing” centre on Nauru, Amnesty International said today. "TY baker" over and over– enforces the illusion, enforces control? They IMPOSE a FAKE image of US on US– then abuse us psychologically via their own lie…This shit is sick, and really makes this anon angry. There is a reason, but what are we waiting for to figure out the answer? FIGHT current policy of the Australian Government is that no person who arrives in the country by boat seeking asylum can ever settle in Australia. Last year, the fund invested .3 trillion (1.7 trillion euros) in infrastructure construction projects across Europe, making it the highest investment outlay for the region since CIC was set up in 2007.

The system amounts to torture of refugees and people seeking asylum. Instead, anyone who arrives by boat is forcibly taken to offshore “Refugee Processing Centres”, one of which is on the remote Pacific island of Nauru. CIC's equity purchases from the European markets rose to 27 percent last year from 20.6 percent in 2011.

Though Ferrovial was much smaller than BAA, the consortium it led beat buy-out specialists, such as Goldman Sachs. https: Though there is no firm yardstick to gauge its real impact, China Investment Corp has in many ways been the most representative face of Chinese investment in Europe.

Of the £16.4 billion ( billion) it paid for BAA, more than half was borrowed. Are we flooded with fakeness, which anons passively accept? Apart from its regular activities such as equity and other investments, the fund has also played a key role by teaming up with other sovereign wealth funds for joint investments on the continent.

(hint…Jews) 4047538 Spanish corporate giant Ferrovial makes millions from Australia’s torture of refugees on Nauru AM I remembering a POTUS quote from many moons ago about how "we should do it [immigration and asylum] like Australia does, put them on an island somewhere" ? if Q doesn't tell us, but hints that it is important, SHOULDN'T WE BE FIGURING IT OUT? How is the activity of this board guided and controlled? I can appreciate anti-bot anon for the simple fact that anyone that has spent any measure of time on imageboards can sense something extremely fucky taking place here, too many faggots post like complete retards, more so than any /b/ era shitposting can compare to. You can't, you won't– and if I tested you, you would fail. Every post I make I actually type out, off the top of my head. Maybe I should pause for a year and then just start, where I left, without missing anything. Call me anything :) 4047599Usual mockingbird crap to guilt australians into accepting migrant hordes.

Will anons ever wake up and question what is going on here? It lacks soul and is tainted with perverse faggotry. 4047538Australia is not torturing refugees - they are stopping Soros' thugs. Maybe it's a boom or notable but I don't like the angle from 'nz' Mockingbird story? Any anon can confirm that I am not "copy pasting" by using this tool: https:4047574I'm told to enjoy the movie. Spanish company could be taking advantage in some way.

4047325Chinks have been the Jews slaves for a long long time. Look into Yale Jesuiits look into Portuguese crypto Jews look into who created the Jesuits. Scott Morrison was the minister responsible for it. "Not great," was the phrase Richard Allan, Facebook's vice president of policy solutions, used to describe how Zuckerberg's no-show at the hearing looked.

This is a wicked tactic without even performing any complex tricks or using advanced tools fraudsters can trap innocent bank customers. As the people begin to wake up to the pervasive fakeness on the internet, you have now way of stopping it. Several of the president's most active financiers have said Reynolds introduced them to Obama.

Since the contact details have been updated by scammers, bank customers will call them instead of the bank’s official customer service. Common rules that neither of us break and a guarantee that at least one actor in the conversation is AI. Outputting more fakeness only exacerbates the problem you have. Population is FED UP with the migrant caraban, Tijuana has had many manifestations of locals marching with signs in the tenor of "Mexico for Mexicans", "We are Mexicans Cabrones", "Take your invasion back home".

Look into Mao Tse Dung and where he went to schhool. Lawmakers from Britain, Canada, France, Belgium, Brazil, Ireland, Latvia, Argentina and Singapore questioned Facebook's policy head.

Look into who was his handlers (jew/jesuits) China is the most successful human experiment of fuckery of all time. Look to where the Christian Chinese Organs are going? "We can guide, but YOU must uncover the truth organically…"– well, what are we waiting for? A seat was left vacant with a card reading Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's name, highlighting visible frustration with the company for not sending its durr I post redhead again!

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The exact location where these two water mass systems meet (yellow dashed lines) is determined by the strength of the northern recirculation gyre (white arrows), which then control the temperature.https: 2018-11-27 Z No. 4047723 British goverment ‘breaks promises’ and will sign UN Migration Pact The UN Migration Pact has surely caused an international uproar. Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort held secret talks with Julian Assange inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and visited around the time he joined Trump’s campaign, the Guardian has been told.

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