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Seriously, it has been after many, many, MANY rewatchings that I still break down in tears at various scenes (most of which are included in this article! While we the viewers know that they were always meant to be together – because it was so obvious of how good they were as a pair, no one could ever compete – it wasn’t always such smooth sailing for Jim and Pam.With that being said, their time together definitely included many moments that had us wishing we could be in their shoes, which is why these are just 15 instances when Jim and Pam ruined all other relationships for the rest of us.

Back when the chemistry between the two of them was driving all of us crazy, in an episode in season two titled “The Client”, Jim and Pam teased us with the date that was not a date, because Jim was still pining for Pam and Pam was still engaged to Roy.

Well, the couple that laughs together, stays together!

Another moment that happened early on – and while Jim was still seeing the girl who sold purses, Katie (played by Amy Adams) – this one is still notable for Jim’s off-the-cuff moment of truth to the camera.

She tells him that she misses their friendship because things are weird between them now, and that although she had a lot of reasons to call off her wedding to Roy, none of them mattered until she met Jim. If anyone else did this, it might be creepy or controlling, but Jim is the king of the grand gestures, and the most grand might be this one.

In the fifth season, Jim decides to buy his parents’ house for him and Pam to live in – without first telling Pam.

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Despite her desire to have a home with a terrace, Pam sees that Jim has given her the absolute perfect home for them to live in, and she loves him all the more for his thoughtfulness.

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